Super Snapper Solo mission.

Boy its been a while between TR’s for me….Unfortunately it reflects how little time I have spent on the water in the last 6 months and a few donuts…

Anyhow one Saturday morning recently  found me with a wind window to fish a favorite metro inshore reef system where I usually target Samson fish and pick up a snapper or two as a bonus but my usual partners in crime Paul and Joel were both home with new babies born hours apart a couple of months ago so decided to launch solo well before sparrows fart .

After dodging some very shady looking characters hanging around the launch I get out to the reef 15 mins before first light and soon find some serious arches on my new Lowrance Elite 7TI.



Within a few minutes I have a solid hook up on a squid rigged that takes off a powerful run but within a few minutes I have been busted off and am soon inspecting a rubbed through leader Bugger….

A quick pedal back to the mark I set on the school pick up my other rod rigged with a scalie and again I have a solid hook up , A short fight and I have a lovely 75 cm snapper in the fish bag .

snapper early bird
A quick retie of leader on the first rod and a new squid and Scalie in place its action stations again . A quick scan around with the side imaging once again locates a serious bunch of arches .The scalie wafts down and soon I am loading the rod steadily to set the circle hooks on what would turn out to be a 65cm snapper. At this point Paul messages me asking how I am going …funny you should ask ..a few pics soon answer his inquiry .
With my bag limit of snapper on board I start to troll dead slow a whole fresh squid and also have a whole scalie out .


Its not too long before the squid is hammered and a really strong run has me chasing after the fish and trying to steer it away from the reef .I turns it head and eventually get this eighty ish snapper onboard for a quick picture and release

Number 4 .Check out his mates on the sounder !

Number 5 no picture… similar size to previous 2 .

Once again trolling I get a big hook up on the squid which with contempt for my efforts busts me off on a reef after a few minutes but just as this happens the scalie gets taken .Frantically winding in the first rod I turn the yak and take off after the second fish to unload the rod enough to get it out of the PA’s rear rod holder (almost lost a rod last year the same way… leash it or…) A good scrap later I have a cracking snapper in the mid 80’s in the yak for a quick snap shot before release.
Hooked up to number 6 and off he goes20180627_201123
Come to daddy…

Pink snapper are such pretty fish
See ya next time! maybe we could catch up for dinner…?

The rest of the morning continues in the same manner with big arches stampeding over my sounder screen . Ended up landing 6 snapper for the morning and 4 bust offs and left them biting at 10.30 am to meet Paul and Tina on the beach.
Cheers Brendon

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